Umgibe Farming Organics is a small-scale agricultural development enterprise that aims to build and support thriving agricultural cooperatives of smallholder and women farmers, that are able to produce and sell sustainable quality agricultural products, by providing individuals with access to the Umgibe Farming System, Umgibe Co-Operative Network, Agricultural Production and Processing; as well channels and access to market.

Our impact is experience by the over 40 co-operatives in our network and the thousands of people trained in our programme. We also provide sustainable employment to our support partners.

We take great pride in educating young and old on the benefits of organic farming.

Social impact

  • Ensuring the provision of locally grown and healthy food to communities in eThekwini Municipality.
  • Developing the community by training community members in organic farming, crop production and food processing.
  • Minimizing the physical work related to farming, which benefits youth, disabled people ,elderly and women.

Environmental impact

  • Protecting the environment through the Umgibe system by using little water, and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Diverting more than 10,000 plastic bags from landfills by utilizing them as growing bags.
  • Avoiding carbon emissions by reducing transport activities in local food provision.

Economic impact

  • Providing a sustainable source of income for more than 497 families through Umgibe’s 51 partner co-operatives.
  • Creating a local market for organic products.
  • Generating revenues and a stable market for Umgibe and the partner co-operatives through contracts with hospitals.

Hunger Kills

More people then AIDS, Malaria and TB combined.

Quality Soil

Our grounds contain good soil to produce quality vegetables.