We offer a variety of products are fresh, fermented and processed. We are a network of unemployed local youth and women who farm. Each time you buy from us you are feeding more than 5 families.

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Organically grown Spinach

R 20,52


Organically grown our brinjal is available fresh and ...

R 28,50

Frozen green beans

Purely organic and crunchy

R 33,06


Our greenpepper is fresh and crunchy it is grown ...

R 39,90

Purely Organic Veggie Juice

This product is made out of organic vegetables. It combines ...

R 57,00

Vegetable Basket (Organic)

A variety of 7 fresh vegetables and herbs depending on ...

R 147,06

Phyto Immuno (with Moringa)

Packed with Nutrients this shake will solve your children's ...

R 153,90

Umgibe Portable Vertical Herb /Vegetable Grower

This portable garden comes with herbs and vegetable ...

R 3700,00