ELLE Awards Interview


What does this award mean for you ?

This award is not for me but it is for every African woman out there who struggle everyday to find solutions to things most people take for granted. This Award means someone out there is listening to us and it also means every problem we face the answer is always within us. This Award means there is a glimmer of hope that poverty can be alleviated .

For your business?

The award has given me confidence that as a social entrepreuner I am heading in the right direction.It also means a lot of exposure to the world and investor opportunities. What do you hope to achieve with this win? To increase awareness and opportunities to combat climate change by using Umgibe system as a tool to uplift bottom of the pyramid households,refugees and grass root farmers in Africa and the world at large.

What do you hope you can teach young women in South Africa through the work that you do?

I would like teach them that the past have already been written,they have the power to write the future ,based on who they are and what they do now. There is no better person to rely on than yourself, I learnt that the hard way. Make sure the work that you choose to do is what you feel passionate about ,success will follow.

What is next for Umgibe?

Scaling up starting in Africa and to keep growing and sharing opportunities with government Agencies , schools ,churches and communities.

What can we expect from you this year?

I am hoping to increase the production of Umgibe Frugal Systems and to reach 3000 households by mid 2018.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

NB: On the 6th and 7th I will be at the GAN Apprenticeship Conference in Sandton


What is Umgibe®?
And How Does It Work?

Umgibe® is a unique farming method that use plastic bags as a medium of growing after finding a lot of problems that prevented her from gardening the normal way she devised this method by creating a structure that allows more vegetables to be grown than would be possible using traditional gardening.

With the ever-increasing demand for affordable and better quality food products in the country against the background of a deteriorating global economic environment, Umgibe® business model could not have come at a better time to penetrate the market.


100% Indigenous Solutions

Umgibe is an innovation for Africans by an African woman from KwaZulu Natal.

Umgibe can expand space where there is none. Umgibe is cost effective it requires little inputs ,no chemical fertilizer and no weeding or pesticides and very little water.

Anyone can use it!

Umgibe is the only method that does not require physical labour ,so it can be done by anyone including old people children ,youth as well as people with disabilities.

Umgibe has health benefits because its organically grown.

It is duplicable!

Umgibe can be replicated in every household and as a result create food security throughout the nation.

Umgibe can be used as the platform for Community Foodsheds .

It can alleviate food security

It does not matter where you stay you can erect Umgibe.

Our method can be used as a social franchise that can be adopted by the government to secure food in South Africa and to generate income for thousands of individuals and decrease unemployment.

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