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Welcome to Umgibe


Our commitment to the growth of the African economy means that we promote and Source and supply locally and continentally grown products that equally match or exceed international standards. This promotes further market linkages, market access and sales for the 51 Cooperatives in our Network.


To be a premier business committed to providing and promoting leadership in sustainable agriculture, and advanced crop . To be the emerging African farmers of choice, producing good quality agricultural products effectively for the growing demand, with our own set markets.


Our commitment to superior business ethics with the social and environmental impact. Our business has been built on four pillars of: • Food security • Urban farming • Environmental impact • Social Impact

Umgibe Farming Organics is a carbon-saving, ecological, organic, income-generating vegetable-growing system which provides a platform to market vegetables grown by grassroots farmers in South Africa. We are 100% black-owned Level 1 B-BBEE. We believe in delivering products that are organically grown, provide balanced nutrition and does not harm the environment and are reasonably priced for affordability.

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Hunger Kills

More people then AIDS, Malaria and TB combined.

Quality Soil

Our grounds contain good soil to produce quality vegetables.

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