What is Umgibe®?

Umgibe Farming Organics is a carbon-saving, ecological, organic, income generating vegetable-growing system which provides a platform to market vegetables grown by grassroots farmers from the sub-economic townships of South Africa.

The project is environmentally friendly in a sense that it uses less water, is organic as there are no chemical fertilizers or pesticides used.

The process of using plastic makes it easy to use the material which might have been an environmental hazard.

Without a single doubt, with each individual earning an

income the overall social life is improved.

There is an ever-increasing demand for affordable and better quality food products in the country against the background of a deteriorating global economic environment.

Umgibe® business model could not have come at a better time to penetrate the market.

Fresh harvests!

About Us

Minister Lindiwe Zulu and FEED ,MEC Wendy Nelson discussing Umgibe Farming System with Mam Joye.
Mam uMgibe has been able to grow and sell more vegetable. Mam uMgibe has now activated Umgibe entrepreneurs who are now going to collectively supplying produce on a weekly basis for the next 5 years. Mamu Mgibe is often featured in the morning show of Inanda FM where she encourages the community to produce their own vegetables and to eat healthy organic food.


It will surprising take very little time!

Easy to

It is easy to schedule the care of Umgibe.


With naturally sunny weather, Umgibe thrives.

Spread the

It will work so well, you will tell your friends!

Meet Umgibe Entrepreneurs

  • Sawbcc.
  • Everfelt Spititual Life Network.
  • Sikhasonke Cooperative.
  • Umncaka Multipurpose Cooperative.
  • Abenkosi Cooperative.
1How much does it cost to set up

Umgibe comes in different packages:

Survival Substinance Livelihood Commercial For Quotations please email our professional staff at info@umgibe.org

2How long does it take to set up Umgibe®
This depends on your order size but typically between 12 - 36 hours depending on your location and the size that you order.
3How do I know if Umgibe® is for me?
If these reasons do not convince you, then it is time to give us a call:
  • Umgibe is an innovation for Africans by an African woman from KwaZulu Natal.
  • Umgibe can expand space where there is none.
  • Umgibe is cost effective it requires little inputs ,no chemical fertilizer and no weeding or pesticides and very little water.
  • Umgibe is the only method that does not require physical labour ,so it can be done by anyone including old people children ,youth as well as people with disabilities.
  • Umgibe has health benefits because its organically grown.
  • Umgibe can be replicated in every household and as a result create food security throughout the nation.
  • Umgibe can be used as the platform for Community Foodsheds . It does not matter where you stay you can erect Umgibe.

Our method can be used as a social franchise that can be adopted by the government to secure food in South Africa and to generate income for thousands of individuals and decrease unemployment.

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